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Chair Yoga with Zowie

September 27, 2020

Fridays 2.30pm  – 3.30pm

£5 drop in
Please bring a blanket/throw for your chair.


Yoga Nidra 9th Oct & 13th Nov

September 23, 2020

Yoga Nidra

9th Oct & 13th Nov 7.30-8.30pm

Yoga Nidra or ‘Yogic Sleep’ is the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It is a state of deep relaxation and has been found to reduce tension and anxiety and, aid sleep.

The only thing required of you is to lie down in a comfortable position with blankets and cushions!
This 45 minute practice will allow you to release any accumulated tension built up during your working week to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a restful night.

Our session will be an hour. Please arrive at 7.30pm and to get prepared and comfortable to enter the relaxation.
Unfortunately due to COVID guidelines we are unable to supply equipment at the studio. Please bring your own mat(s), blankets and pillows/cushions. It is important that you are warm and comfortable so please bring anything that will help you in this endeavor.

Also due to COVID we cannot provide drinks so feel free to bring a herbal tea (no caffeine) with you to help you relax before the session.

Cost is £10pp
Email to book.

All welcome.

Fridays 9am -10am



 Opening the Doorway to Meditation

Coming soon

This class will help lay the foundation for pranayama and meditation practice. The approach will be to emphasise the subtle and sequential steps through which one can allow the breath to guide us to inner silence.

Whilst all are welcome, this class may be better suited to those who a relatively established and regular asana practice.

Cost : £5 drop in ; 4 class pass £15 (to be used with 2 months of first class). Negotiable rates available on request to those not working or in different financial circumstances.


Yoga with Louise

December 17, 2018


If you have your own mat you are welcome to bring and use it. I have a few hardly used mats which I will bring along to sell @ £5.00 each.

Hand hygiene
Please could everyone wash their hands on arrival.

General health
Please do not come to the class if you have any signs of being unwell.We will make sure the mats are well spaced out.I look forward to see you on Friday.Best wishes,

About my classes

Supportive Hatha yoga Friday afternoons 2-3 and Friday evenings 6-7.

You are welcome to come and join one of these classes regardless of experience. I endeavour to tailor the classes to suit the students attending.

My aim is to help you become more aware of your body, breath and mind.There are many different styles of yoga – the challenge for students is finding the one that suits them at this time. Come and try my class.

About me

I have been practising yoga since I was in my teens but I continue to be interested in learning to improve my understanding and teaching. I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and also completed a teachers’ training course in Kerala, India. Since qualifying I have attended regular training and currently I am participating on a two year part time course called the Art of 1-2-1 Yoga Teaching.


Mindful Yoga

October 13, 2016

 10.30 am – 12.30pm

Friday’s Mindful Yoga class is a longer class of two hours and an opportunity to explore ones practise and oneself deeply.

The class is open to all levels of ability but recommended for those who are interested in working slowly with a deep level of awareness.

The work in this class is very influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and the attention to breath, grounding and movements from the spine as well as mindfulness practices. Traditional philosophy of Yoga and Buddhism are woven through the classes and their relevance and relationship to our life today explored.  Connection to energy work is considered as well as more western anatomical teachings. This is an open class where there is space for discussion and experimentation.

Drop in class £10

contact; / 07944868563

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