End your week on a strong note with a rejuvenating ashtanga practice to connect to your body.

Ashtanga is a sequenced based practice. It all starts with a Sun salutation to prepare the body for asana.

Standing sequence

Seated sequence with vinyasa’s (short flow to transition into the next posture)

Moving into inversions and ultimately ending with a shavasana.

Ashtanga is regarded as a self practice which is traditionally practiced six times a week.

About Nick: I’ve been practicing yoga for 13 years and I am qualified as a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher. I suffered with self-esteem growing up and yoga has helped me be more at ease and in the present moment. I started yoga at the age of sixteen. My first class was one of the hardest classes in my life. Yoga redefined my world and gave me a sense of being. Being able to see my progression, gave me the confidence to lift the illusionary veil of my lack of self worth.

Passing on the gift of yoga has been a blessing.

Life is a series of challenges, like the forms we make in yoga with persistent awareness, transformation can take place in mind and body. I strongly believe anyone can do ashtanga.

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