The Barefoot Boogie – Next one coming soon!

An enchanting, community dance event, with intoxicating rhythms from around the world!

With Recorded music , live drumming and  occasional surprise guest musicians!

Beginning with a gentle, relaxing warmup, to help free up the body.

There will also be periods of slower, more meditative music, to chill out to, in order to re-energise and recharge, for the next wave of wild rhythms!

The evening will end with a relaxation session, either with a chant, or a singing of songs.

The cost of the evening is on a sliding scale from £10 to £7(concession) to £5.(super concession)

Please pay according to your means, as all the extra funds will go towards helping those people to attend, who have a serious financial situation.

(Children are welcome, if you could please bring something to occupy them, if they are not interested in dancing!)

Laurie Temple is an actor, children’s entertainer, musician and well-being facilitator.

He also teaches creative stress management courses, to organisations, such as the NHS and probation services.

Laurie teaches several clients on a one-to-one basis, in simple techniques of breath work and stretching, to remove stress and anxiety.

As well as training intensively in yoga and meditation, he spent over 30 years working with world-renowned Sufi master, AdnanSarhan, learning techniques of combining yoga, with meditation, dancing and drumming.

He will also be teaching these movement and meditation workshops (‘the dance of life’)

Laurie also facilitates singing events: ‘the singing jam, singing for joy’!

For further information, please email Laurie at

Please note: in order to maintain some safe distancing, we must restrict The numbers, so please book a place in advance, if you want to be sure of admission.

You can book a place by  emailing Laurie