Tuesdays 3pm – 4.15pm

I’m Rachel and I feel passionately about making yoga accessible to everyone! My goal is to make you celebrate your amazing body and wonderful brain by bringing you easy, comfortable and supportive yoga and meditation practices. I aim to always create a warm and inviting space for people from all walks of life; especially for those of us who struggle to find our place in yoga.

My beginner’s classes blend the traditional teachings and the culture of yoga with clear guidance and some occasional giggling! There’s always a strong focus on inclusivity, compassion and heritage. Blending asana (physical yoga), pranayama (breath work) and meditation, this class is a great introduction into the whole of yoga. There are lots of various options to try out, so if you’ve never practised before, it really doesn’t have to feel scary! And even if you have an established yoga routine already, the classes are very versatile and you’ll definitely take lots away from the sessions.

All classes are a hybrid of online and in person, meaning they are also live streamed via Zoom for those of you unable to get to the studio, or who just prefer practising from the comfort of your own home. There is never any pressure for you to have your camera on either! However you are most comfortable is how you should practice :).

Join me to breathe, move and meditate your way to a healthier state of mind and a stronger sense of community! Yoga is for every-body, so wherever you are on your journey, it’d be an absolute pleasure to flow with you.

Prices: For anyone signed up to my monthly online memberships, St. Leonards Studio in person classes are also included in that. For non members, in studio classes are £6 each, or it’s £4 for the online zoom class. You can book online via my website.

For more information head to www.rachelmannsyoga.com and if you have any questions, please email me at rachel@stleonards.studio or DM me on instagram @rachelmannsyoga. You can also call me on 0800 086 2607.

Thanks so much and I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Rachel xo

Rachel Manns Yoga photographed by Eva Slusarek.