4th April 11am – 1pm

A chance to explore your inner world through your own Breath.

People who have tried Breathwork have found it an amazing experience!

We start with a short guided meditation to connect with our body and our Breath. We continue with breathing exercises that help us relax and increase our energy levels. Followed by an hour of Rebirthing Breathwork, using conscious connected breathing. And we finish the session with group sharing.

In order to provide quality sessions to everybody the groups are small.

Booking is required, since space is limited. No drop ins.
The price is £20 per session.

For bookings please contact Nikolas at nikolas@stleonards.studio

Nikolas is a certified Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner and for more information please visit: https://www.findinginnerpeace.co.uk/   “

For centuries, people have sought spiritual awakening, self-healing, and meditative relaxation through breathing techniques. Breathwork has roots in Eastern practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and Buddhism. However, most of the breathwork therapy used today got its start during the consciousness-raising era of the 1960s and 1970s.

Conscious connected breathing is the technique that’s used in Rebirthing Breathwork.

Nowadays we know that psychotherapy itself is not enough. While all types of talk therapy can help on an emotional level, they don’t dissolve the trauma that is created in our body.

Through Breathwork you will be able to connect with your subconscious mind, where all your memories and unexpressed emotions are.

If you wish to reduce your stress levels, deal with emotional or physical issues, increase your energy, deal with grief or insomnia, clear blockages or trauma, wish to detox your body, then Breathwork is ideal for you.