Candlelit Sattva Yoga -Starts 2nd September

8pm – 9.15pm    £7  email


Roxy is a 500hr Sattva Yoga & Meditation Teacher who has taught hundreds of people from all walks of life over the past 14 years. Her career shifted from professional dance into Yoga, after an extensive healing journey of her own, which led her to train with Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra, at the Sattva Yoga Academy, in Rishikesh India. She is now devoted to serving the evolution of all beings, by authentically sharing the timeless vedantic and tantric teachings of the Himalayas, that completely transformed her life. She intuitively guides from her heart space, to take people on a journey of healing and self-discovery, so that they can realise their infinite potential, true Self and authentic nature.

Class Description

After relocating from London, Roxy is really excited to bring Hastings first Sattva Yoga class. Join her in candlelight, where she will seamlessly guide you through a combination of meditative Pranayama, Kriya, Mantra and Vinyasa flows. This is a restorative and integrated yoga practice that aims to ground, nourish and balance. You will be guided on a journey within, to still the mind, relax the body and expand the soul, allowing you to arrive into a deeper state of unity. Each weeks journey will have a specific evolutionary intention, guided to meet the needs of the students in each space and time. This is the ideal class to decrease the stresses of daily life, calm anxiety, improve sleep and move into the week with clarity and a more grounded sense of Self.

This class is open to all levels, as the practices meet you where you are and encourage the individual to tune in and listen to their own intuition throughout.