Class Description –

An hour of mindful movement that honours the Pilates principles: breathing, balance, coordination, stability and strength. This class builds strength through the core, ensuring efficient movement by supporting the spine. A flowing class that can be as challenging as you choose to make it!

Thursdays from 1-2pm

About me

“I am a qualified STOTT instructor. STOTT is based in biomechanics and exercise science and, although Pilates has come a long way since Joseph started in the 1920s, the truth of this statement still applies: “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body” Joseph Pilates. I focus on spinal health and strengthening the mind body connection”. All levels welcome.

To book contact MJ 07932525400. Find out more at

£9 per class. Booking essential