Want to learn Shiatsu to give to friends and family? Come along to the monthly Saturday Grassroots Shiatsu classes. 11.30am to 1pm  Costs £10

Or are you interested in professional training?

The classes form part of the The One year Certified Acupressure Course  – the first year of the Shiatsu practitioner course.  In the Acupressure year will learn how to give foundation level Shiatsu, a knowledge of a selection of acupressure points and how to use them effectively. The next two years takes you into the fascinating study of Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Dao Yin – the self development practices that make the study of Shiatsu unique.

Details @ www.shiatsucollege.co.uk/hastings

Contact Annie on info@stleonards.studio 07722868397

The Shiatsu College are pleased to support the Sara Lee Trust, a local charity supporting local people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses through the provision of free psychological and therapeutic support.