11.30 – 13.00

These monthly Saturday sessions will enable you to learn all about Shiatsu and to give a basic Shiatsu to friends and family. –Workshops for friends and family are drop in and for all regardless of experience. If you know Shiatsu and just want an opportunity to practice please do come along to this community class. The cost is £10,  profits to The Sara Lee Trust


The workshops form part of our : One year Certified Acupressure Course which forms the first year of the Shiatsu practitioner course.  In the Acupressure year will learn how to give foundation level Shiatsu, a knowledge of a selection of acupressure points and how to use them effectively. The next two years takes you into the fascinating study of Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Dao Yin – the self development practices that make the study of Shiatsu unique.

For details see www.shiatsucollege.co.uk/hastings

February 23rd

March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

July 20th