JourneyDance with Lisa Powell


Sunday 30th January




The JourneyDance™ Transformational Dance Movement Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy.


We embody through grounding movement, feeling the total surface area of our physical bodies in contact with the earth.

We experience sensual awakening as we unleash animal energies and expand our awareness.

We enliven our funky, playful self and connect with other movers in community.

We explore our inner realms to express ourselves, dive into our ocean of emotion, and tell our story to the dance floor.

We empower ourselves and each other to liberate old cellular memories and cleanse the body and mind with sweat and breath.

We elevate our vibration and embody our hearts.



In this dance we will Break out of the Box and Meet our Inner Shaman. You will need to wear clothes that you are happy rolling on the floor with and bring a scarf and a bottle of water.  


Cost is £12 per session.


To book email Lisa at