Now on zoom – contact Marnie for details
6pm – 7pm
Join Marnie for some meditative, uplifting and soothing Kirtan (yogic chanting) which is a form of yoga for the voice from the Bhakti path of yoga, the path of the heart.

As we sound the simple Sanskrit phrases we open ourselves to the vibrations of this sacred language and the wisdom that it has carried for millenia.

Marnie leads western-style kirtan, often in a call-and-response style, where the leader sings a phrase and the sangham (those gathered to practice together) repeat this back, and sometimes we sing all together, depending on the bhajan (song).

There are many different ragas (moods) to the chants, and we sing to many different energies in the form of Deities.  These can bring different experiences to different people, as we allow the energies to flow through our bodies, unblocking, energising, releasing.  So there may be different experiences on different days for different people and with different mantras and all is welcome .

You don’t need to believe in anything and all are welcome, we will sing to our highest potential, whatever that means to the individual, be it nature, the Earth, a particular tradition, whatever you feel you will offer the mantras to.

These gatherings are traditionally held in person in circle, and we are looking forward to the time that we can do this, and until then we are gathering online to build the community, hold the space and feel into the heartspace via the medium of Zoom – where Marnie will sing and the sangham can hear her and themself as we chant together.

Please contact Marnie for further information or to book on or 087854 092744