Kundalini Yoga allows you to experience your full potential and encourages self-transformation of body, mind and spirit through a combination of Pranayam (breath exercises), kriyas (sets of postures), mantras (sound current) and meditations. 
Priti Mandeep Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Student-Instructor, Reiki Master, intuitive and spiritual Healer. She guides you through this amazing practice to get clarity, focus and inner power in your daily life, as well as a calm and meditative mind.
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:
 Awareness of Self
 Tuning in and alignment of the body’s energies
 Discipline and focus
 Stillness of the mind
 Strength of the immune system
 Strength of the glandular system
 Self-practice guidance
 Improved well-being and self-development through JOY
Classes at the St Leonards Studio are:
Wednesday – from 7.30pm – 9pm.
Next Workshops at the St Leonards Studio are:
Self-Introspection to gain clarity and will power – 15th February – from 4pm to 6’30pm.
Meet the challenges of life with calmness and creativity – 14th of March – from 4pm to 6’30pm.
Boost your focus and strength to thrive in Life – 26th of April – from 4pm to 6’30pm.
Booking is required, please contact me: priti@stleonards.studio