Friday 8th November  7:30 – 9:30PM

Take some time out this month to join us as we co-create a sense of
flow, though kriyas to balance the nervous system, mantras to open our
hearts and sound healing to power through any energetic blocks to live
life in flow.

Being in flow is that joyful state where ideas come and almost
effortlessly manifest into reality. In contrast we have all
experienced those times where we feel that we are swimming against the
tide, despite best intentions our efforts are thwarted or
misunderstood. To shift from challenge into flow, we simply need to
create space to stop. When we stop, we have time to reflect, when we
reflect, we cultivate awareness, with awareness we forgive
misunderstanding, we grow compassion, we replace fear with trust, our
actions align, we see the good in all. When we open our hearts in this
way, we align ourselves to the blissful state of flow.

If you have any health issues or injuries that may limit your ability
to participate please contact Yeli in advance of purchasing your
ticket to discuss suitability. These sessions are not suitable for
pregnant mama’s.

Please bring a blanket and pillow, anything you need to feel
comfortable and warm during the experience.
£13 Advance / £16 On the Door or