Experiencing Joy with Pranayama

Experiencing Joy with Pranayama 17th November  12pm – 3pm

Often Yoga practice can drift into becoming routine and mundane. We may get so lost in concerns about detail and techniques, that we struggle to emotionally engage with our practice. Sometimes this can lead us to lose motivation to practice altogether.

Yoga philosophy teaches us that it is possible to uncover a sense of joy within, through skilful practice, which keeps us feeling fresh. This joy is said to feels very different to pleasure. So to what extent do we relate to this?

We will have space to articulate our experiences, using guided questions alongside selected readings, and help draw out personal affirmations to infuse our preparatory Asana, including detailed attention to seating posture. This will be followed by a long Pranayama practice. Finally we will have a space to reflect on our experience of the practice together.

All you need bring is an open mind and heart.

Cost: £20 for those fully waged, negotiable for those in different circumstances. Please contact Surrinder for further information or to confirm a place on:

07702296334 or surrinder@stleonards.studio