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Feeling fatigued? Tension and anxiety has been present for us all whether we are conscious of it or not. Any threat to our existence or way of life such as a pandemic, results in our ‘fight or flight’ response being activated, creating stress and tension in our bodies and minds. With a resumed busy pace of life, the demands on our time can increase this tension. And as we move into the more active time of year and it can be easy to forget the importance of rest that the body and mind so deeply need to maintain balance and harmony.

Join this 2 hour session to regenerate mind and body with some slow and mindful movement, relaxation and breathwork, and finishing with a deeply relaxing and healing yoga nidra (sleep meditation). Let tension slip away, creating a lightness of being and revitalising your energy to enjoy the summer days ahead.

Please bring; a yoga mat, a couple of blankets, a bolster or pillow, and an eye pillow if you have one. Please also bring some water or something to drink and wear warm, comfortable clothing. It is important that you are warm and comfortable so please bring anything that helps you in this endeavor. All levels welcome ♥

Cost is £15. Concessions available.
Or contact for more info.