Tai Chi Beginners Workshop

Saturday July 17th

10.30am – 12.30pm


You don’t need any previous tai chi experience for this workshop, just comfortable clothing and a light willingness to have a go and see if it’s something you like.

Tai chi is a sequence of movements that are done with relaxation and alignment through the body. Simply put, it is the knowledge of deep internal practises that were developed thousands of years ago, and then infused into a martial art between 300 and 400 years ago. So the postures are martial-based but the art is one of health.

As generations went by, people saw that tai chi masters often had a deeper vitality than their contemporaries. But in ancient China, tai chi was a closely guarded secret, and it wasn’t until the twentieth century that it became more widespread. Since then it has found its way across the world, and now millions of people have cultivated their own deeper well-being through this graceful art.

With regular, consistent practice, within a month or so, you can realistically expect things like a more stable sense of contact with the ground, a deepening sense of structural integrity through the body, a deeper sense of health, and the frame of mind that naturally comes from all of that. Then as you practice regularly over time, these things become cultivated and set deeper and deeper in the body.

In this workshop we’ll look at the basic principles and alignments, an accompanying qigong movement called “Cloud Hands”, and we’ll look at the first part of the tai chi form.