Workshop is now online, please contact Chad

With Chad Roberts


Saturday 14th November 10.30am – 12pm

Tai chi and its counterpart qigong (pronounced chee gong), are living internal arts deeply rooted in knowledge that’s been accumulated over thousands of years. They use postures and movement to gently develop and maintain good structure, function and awareness of the body and its energies, and also gently train the mind to relax and focus. The initial stage of this is to gently open and balance the body to promote better chi flow, which then leads to a better physical health and cultivation of chi as a whole. 
They can be regarded as health arts with a spiritual bearing which are still relatively new to the West, having not been around in any prominent capacity for more than fifty years. As such, many people aren’t fully aware of what they actually entail, although there does seem to be a consistent trickle of people that are interested enough to come and find out more. So if you’ve learned tai chi before and would like to pick it up again, or if you haven’t done it before and would like to learn more about it, perhaps the tai chi introductory workshop would be of use to you.
Tai chi and qigong are suitable for all ages and body types, and require only the space to practice and the willingness to do so.