Yin yoga is a still practice which cultivates a deep sense of awareness and release through both body and

Physically the focus is on the connective tissues in the body, primarily fascia and ligaments. It opens the
joints and increases flexibility and mobility.

As we melt into the stretches we allow a deep sense of calm and peace to enter both body and mind.
Yin yoga is learning to be with what is happening in the body in the present moment, without reacting to what
is arising. By practising watching on the mat and not reacting, we can learn to take this practice off the mat
and into our world.

Yin is the perfect antidote and compliment to more dynamic practices, it is vital we have both yin and yang
elements in all areas of our lives.

At every stage of life in this busy and stressful world we need to find opportunities for stillness, to observe
and honour our bodies with gentle awareness.

Yin is particularly beneficial as we age offering our body the opportunity to lengthen and counteract the
contraction which can naturally begin to occur.

This class is suitable for all.
Drop in class £8
6 class pass £42
Contact: leela@stleonards.studio . 07379 061294