Mondays 8pm -9pm

In Monday’s Yoga and Alexander Technique classes we apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to simple yet highly effective sequences of Yoga postures. The aim is to clarify these basic principles, and to make yoga practice safe and fruitful. The focus is on body mechanics, body-mind relationship and self enquiry.

The Alexander Technique focuses on exploring and refining the way we relate to our body in movement and stillness, with particular attention to the relationship between mind and body. It aims to improve awareness and efficiency of movement, improving performance in our daily activities, from the mundane to the artistic, sporty and anything you do that involves your body or mind. Along the way the Technique can help with acute or chronic pain, discomfort or ailments that relate to posture and movement.

Andrea is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga, Qi Gong, TaiJi and Meditation, with over 25 years’ experience in bodymind practices. He has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2014, and has completed yoga teacher trainings with Windfire Yoga (2011) and with the Sivananda organisation (2000). He continues developing his practice with internationally established teacher Godfrey Devereux. Andrea is also a Qi Gong teacher and a Shiatsu practitioner.

£7.50 (or £30 for 5 classes). Concessions available – please get in touch.