TRE (Tension Release Exercise)                           Flexible times to suit

with Spike Warwick, Certified TRE® Provider

TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a series of gentle exercises designed to help your body release the symptoms of stress, tension and trauma in a safe, natural way.  TRE helps you to shake off tension, and many people say they feel calmer and more content afterwards.

The practice aims to help you to stay (or become!) really present, grounded and embodied.  We always go slowly, to give you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you feel, and to tune in so that you can fully explore what’s comfortable for you.  Once you have learnt how to do it, you can use TRE to release stress any time you wish in the comfort of your own home.  Spike will first of all guide you through the series of simple exercises to gently stretch and engage your major muscles .  Then you’ll lie comfortably on a mat or blanket and allow your system to re-set in its own time and way.

You can book a session over Zoom just for yourself, or for two or three people together, on a donation-only basis.  For more info and to book, email Spike:

Spike is a yoga teacher and bodyworker with over 30 years experience, and a Certified TRE Provider. She’s known for her warm, gentle and intuitive approach and solid grounding in the physiology of well-being.