‘You have to find out what meditation is. It is a most extraordinary thing to know what meditation is – not how to meditate, not the system, not the practice, but the content of meditation. To be in the meditative mood and to go into that meditation requires a very generous mind, a mind that has no border, a mind that is not caught in the process of time. A mind that has not committed itself to anything, to any activity, to any thought, to any dogma, to any family, to a name – it is only such a mind that can be generous; and it is only such a mind that can begin to understand the depth, the beauty and the extraordinary loveliness of meditation.’[i]

– Krishnarmurti

We currently offer several meditation classes at the Kings Road Studio:

The monthly “Grass Roots Shiatsu and Do-In Exercises” weekend sessions from the Shiatsu College Hastings have meditation, visualisation and relaxation built into the session and of course, the moving meditative aspects of Yoga and Qigong are embedded within the disciplines.

Mark’s Qigong – meditation in movement is every Wednesday

Janine runs regular 8-week courses.



[i] Krishnamurti 1962 7th Public Talk, Bombay, CD-Rom code bo62t7.