Qigong exercises integrate body postures, movement, breathing and meditation for a healthy life. Qigong is not a panacea but it is certainly a highly effective health-improving and maintaining practice and its benefits are being  increasingly recognised worldwide . Qigong benefits range from mind relaxation and sharpening, to stress relief and calming, to increased energy and vitality. The Chinese characters for qigong are 氣, qi or chi, and 功, gong or kung. (Qigong is used in mainland China, and chi kung in some southeast Asian countries.) The first character 氣, qi,  can mean air; spirit; vigour; vital/material energy; atmosphere; attitude; anger; breath; respiration; weather but these many meanings which depend on context are translated in the West as breath, energy or life energy. The second character 功, gong, means ‘work’; so qigong = energy work.

You can learn Qigong as part of the ‘Grassroots Shiatsu’ workshops or the full Acupressure certificate year, via classes at the studio.

We also hold specific workshops and the Shibashi instructors courses through the year. Keep an eye on the timetable.

The Shiatsu College Hastings’ popular London based Qigong  teacher training programme  grows from strength to strength. www.qigongteachertraining.co.uk

Please contact us for more information.